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Ohio Energy Litigation Mastercard

Many residents are receiving letters or emails with a pre-paid Mastercard from Ohio Energy Litigation.  More information can be found here:

Door-to-Door Energy Solicitors Impersonating NOPEC Employees

There have been several reports of door-to-door solicitors posing as NOPEC employees in several Northeast Ohio communities this Spring. As a reminder, NOPEC NEVER goes door-to-door or calls residents or small businesses to enroll them into your community’s natural gas and/or electric aggregation program. If someone knocks on your door posing as a NOPEC employee during normal business hours, ask for a business card or capture as much information as you can (company name, solicitor’s name, a phone number, copy of any paperwork/brochures they offer you, make, color and license plate number of car, etc.) and call city hall to report them. After normal business hours, call NOPEC’s Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201, 24 hours, 7 days a week to report the encounter. NOPEC will notify your community officials and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) of this illegal activity. And remember, NEVER share your utility bill or account information with anyone that comes knocking on your door or contacts you are unprompted.

First Energy Smart Meter Exchange Program

Smart Meter communication has begun in our area.  A brochure and letter are being sent in advance and installation will take place by First Energy or their contractor, Wellington Energy.

 Please note the following information from First Energy:

Installers are required to wear applicable personal protective equipment and follow proper safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For meter rooms with an external entrance that require a key, a customer questionnaire will be utilized to determine if a COVID-19 risk exists prior to exchanging meters. If a risk is determined, the exchange will be postponed.

·  Customer brochures and letters will continue to be sent in advance notifying applicable customers of the upcoming exchange.
·  Verbal consent is received from customers prior to meter exchange if service will be interrupted. Two calls will be placed to the customer:
·  First will be 1-2 days prior to exchange to the exchange to obtain consent for the exchange and possible brief outage.
·  Second call is placed by the technician upon arrival at the premises to perform the exchange in order to notify them of the potential interruption of service.

Additional notes regarding service interruption:
§  If the customer does not answer the call, a voicemail message will be left
§  If the service will be interrupted, consent to exchange the meter can be verbally provided by the customer on the first call or on the day of the exchange

  • If we are unable to contact the customer prior to installation, the exchange will only be completed if we are able to do so without interrupting service municipalities


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