Cemetery Fees effective 1/4/2023

Opening/Close $300
Plot $400
Cremation $250
Saturday Burials $500
Saturday Cremation $300

Opening/Close $500
Plot $775
Cremation $375
Saturday Burials $800
Saturday Cremation $450

Weekday Burials not accepted after 2:00pm Monday through Saturday.

No Sunday or Holiday burials or cremations accepted.

Foundation Fees effective 1/4/2023

Veterans Foundation No Fee
Military Stones Set – No Fee
10″ or 14″ wide by 24″ – $250
10″ or 14″ wide by 36″ – $300
10″ or 14″ wide by 48″ – $350

Winter 2022-2023 Notice: We will attend to snow removal in the cemetery as soon as possible this season. Your patience is appreciated as we focus on the roads, fire department and community center for snow removal needs.

Fall and winter decorations are removed when the mowing season begins. Please pick up any decorations you want to save.

Shrubs are allowed with permission for proper placement but trees are prohibited due to damage from root systems.
During spring and summer, families are permitted to plant flower beds in front of headstones but no more than 18 inches from the front of the stone or the width of the plot (40″). It is the responsibility of the family to weed and water them.
If you have questions, concerns or wish to purchase a plot, please contact Karen Hawkins at 440-821-4040.