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Community News


First Energy Smart Meter Exchange Program

Smart Meter communication has begun in our area.  A brochure and letter are being sent in advance and installation will take place by First Energy or their contractor, Wellington Energy. 

 Please note the following information from First Energy:

Installers are required to wear applicable personal protective equipment and follow proper safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For meter rooms with an external entrance that require a key, a customer questionnaire will be utilized to determine if a COVID-19 risk exists prior to exchanging meters. If a risk is determined, the exchange will be postponed.   

·  Customer brochures and letters will continue to be sent in advance notifying applicable customers of the upcoming exchange. 
·  Verbal consent is received from customers prior to meter exchange if service will be interrupted. Two calls will be placed to the customer: 
·  First will be 1-2 days prior to exchange to the exchange to obtain consent for the exchange and possible brief outage. 
·  Second call is placed by the technician upon arrival at the premises to perform the exchange in order to notify them of the potential interruption of service.

Additional notes regarding service interruption: 
§  If the customer does not answer the call, a voicemail message will be left 
§  If the service will be interrupted, consent to exchange the meter can be verbally provided by the customer on the first call or on the day of the exchange 

§  If we are unable to contact the customer prior to installation, the exchange will only be completed if we are able to do so without interrupting service municipalities 

 Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and as well as a photo of Wellington Energy's truck, for reference (click on the photo to enlarge).


Frequently Asked Questions



NOPEC Natural Gas Enrollment Mailers

Existing and
         newly eligible residents and small businesses in NOPEC member communities will receive natural gas enrollment letters in the
         mail beginning November 10th. The enrollment period will run through December 13th, 2021, for the contract beginning January
         2022 through June 2023.
         information on the upcoming natural gas mailing, NOPEC has provided informational materials for your use, including FAQs,
         website copy, and more. To access this information, visit NOPEC's Member Community Toolkit by clicking the link below.


Post Office


As of January 27, 2019, postage is 55 cents for letter stamps.

New Ohio Laws

 If your wipers are on, your lights must be on.

Effective 4/7/10, motorists and parents who violate Ohio's booster seat law will get tickets.  The law requires drivers to safely restrain children between the ages of 4 and 8, who are under 4-feet, 9-inches tall in a federally approved booster seat.

1/1/19: Minimum wage increases to $8.55 per hour.


Change to the community's electric aggregation supplier

Our community is a member of the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council ( NOPEC), which selected First Energy Solutions to provide electric generation service to eligible participants at a savings of 6% off the utility's generation rate for residents and 4% off for small businesses.

After negotiations between the groups failed, First Energy Solutions provided notice to NOPEC that they would be ending their contract with them.

As a result, effective with your January or February meter read date, First Energy Solutions will no longer be your electric generation supplier and you will return to your utility's standard offer unless you choose a supplier. It is important to note that you will not experience any interruption in your service.

Participants in the electric aggregation program will soon be receiving a letter in the mail notifying them of this change and explaining their options.If you have questions when you receive this letter, please call First Energy Solutions' NOPEC Customer Care line at 1-888-254-9227, which is available weekdays from 8:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.

Q.Who can I call if I have questions about my contract with First Energy Solutions?

A. You will receive a letter in the mail that will explain this change and your options. However, if you have questions after receiving this letter, please call First Energy Solutions' NOPEC Customer Care line at 1-888-254-9227.

Q.If I don't have an electric supplier, will I be without power?

A. No. Once your contract with First Energy Solutions ends, you will begin receiving your generationfrom the local electric utility. You will not have any interruption in service.

Q.How do I shop for a new supplier? Where do I find information on offers availableto me?

A. If you're ineterested in shopping for a new generation supplier, you can visit the Public Utilities Commissionof Ohio's website: energychoice.ohio.gov.